Wind data provider Onesemble has developed sensors which can keep note of wind date for around 95% of the wind farms existing in the Texas area. The help of cell phone towers is sought for this purpose. Onesemble Network Sensors collect accurate data by getting to know the wind speed at a great height. This is done by placing the sensor at the height of the turbine rotor or the blades. Onesemble Network Sensors assembles figures on wind speed, direction and temperature in a cell phone tower, which are then analyzed on a computer to point out what is going to happen in times to come.

How censors work

Onesemble has put the sensors on the cell phone towers, which are 80-120 meters above the ground. Forecasting can be enabled every 10 minutes with the help of real time data from the sensors fed into its system. The data fed and the predictions that are attained this way are both quite precise.

To seek the help of cell phone towers for wind farms, data is supplied to the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) through a network of 100 sensor centers. These centers are put in a proper manner near the wind farm all over Texas by the ERCOT, which manages 75% of Texas’s electric grid. Wind farms use behavior patterns and predictions to analyze the change in availability of electricity in a given area with these towers and data.

 The need for wind data

The need for power grid will increase with the increase in the wind farms and the uneven output of these wind farms. This is a huge problem but its solution can be found the following ways:

  • By making long-distance transmission capacity by connecting all local and regional grids with each-other.
  • By optimum use of wind by estimating how much wind is needed every hour. By providing accurate wind data.

Advantages of Wind Data Forecasting by Cell Towers

  • Cell Towers already exist. By taking their help for wind forecasting data, you are putting them to duel use.
  • It helps make wind more productive.
  • It increases the efficiency of the power plant.

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