Chinese market for clean energy offers enormous business opportunities, say experts from Harvard China Forum on Saturday.

In a roundtable discussion on clean energy, Experts who have kept a watchful eye on the renewable energy sectors in China valued its market size, level of development and current challenges.

“Whether it’s wind, solar or any other form of capacity market for clean energy in China is enormous,” Peter Evans, GE Energy’s overall strategy and planning director said.

Evans said he believed China is the need to develop all types of energy to meet the growing desire for energy, especially in the context of high oil prices, which only grew by nearly $ 113 a barrel.

He also said that China is now the capital necessary to develop clean energy, but had no technique, although it would not be a problem because “not all energy-related clean, China wants to go get something.”

Gong Li, president of Accenture Greater China, said that for better development of renewable energy sectors in China, sustained political commitment is needed.

At present challenges, Li said a big problem is the lack of network to transform the raw energy into electricity. “Renewable energy like solar and wind are intermediate to be forwarded to the grid, otherwise it will waste energy, said Li.




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