Biomass energy is one of the best renewable energies and it has become the most valuable energy source worldwide. As a result, China decided to develop this energy.

Since biomass is renewable, clean and friendly and made from organic raw materials such as animals, plants and micro-organisms and their emissions and waste, it is an ideal solution for Chinese farmers. Biomass is useful for storing and transporting, widely available, and when transformed into energy, producing no emissions of carbon dioxide.

The ability of biomass energy in China is twice as hydropower and 3.5 times that of wind energy. With the vast majority of farmland in China, located in and near the high energy consumption in coastal areas of eastern China, while the development of biomass has been fully funded, would be equivalent to the energy 1.2 million tons of coal, which is more than 1.3 times the annual consumption of the entire country of energy.

This method reduces the emission of nitrogen dioxide by 95% and carbon dioxide by 99%. Each year in China is 700 million tons of coal consumed by the boilers of small and medium enterprises, which represent up to 50% of the nitrogen produced by different sources of the country.

In addition to biomass for heating and electricity, bio fuels are considered as a possible replacement for liquid fuels. Currently, the market for ethanol produced 1.7 million tons of fuel oil to China each year.

Over the next five to ten years, China plans to use biomass energy in solid, liquid and gas to replace part of coal, oil and gas it uses now. The country plans to adjust its energy structure of the coal-centric and enlarge the contribution of clean energy.


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