According to China Renewable Energy Industry Association, China will install more than 18 accelerated expansion of wind power capacity this year. If all goes well, the country in late 2011 with a total of 58 rapid expansion of installed capacity, moving forward with plans to install as many as 150 to 230 GW over the next decade. China has world’s largest installed wind capacity.

The new capacity will be built and financed the state, like many others in China. Five power companies to build wind farms larger national.

The country will invest 5000 RMB per kW (U.S. $ 764) or about $ 764,000 per MW of wind capacity. The state banks will finance the project developers, but some international banks and the World Bank will also provide funds.

Most new capacity will be down, with only 100 MW is destined for offshore capabilities in Guangzhou province in eastern China.

The Northeast provinces of Inner Mongolia, Hebei and Gansu will likely host most of the new projects, deepening their geographical lead in the industry. Three provinces accounted for 80% of installed capacity in Inner Mongolia to take as much as one third.

The wind is likely to be, the agenda of China. March hopes will bring 15% of the electricity production of clean energy by 2020.

STRESS how lucrative the industry has become the largest wind power developer Longyuan Power Group last month reported that its profit more than doubled last year, 2 billion Yuan (U.S. $ 305,000,000) was slightly less than 900 Yuan (137 million dollars) last year. The company has said it wants to install 2 GW of capacity this year, when the size of its operation to 9 GW.

In addition to the cash-rich company is expanding overseas, so no secret of their intention to “proactive” to expand in South Africa, North America and Eastern Europe.


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