Wind turbines and wind mills are capable to generate electricity and power from the wind and this modern technology will use efficiently to generate electricity and power from the sea.  Stephen Wood who is working hard with this technology for its advance and proper use is an assistant professor of marine and environmental systems at Florida Institute of Technology’s College of Engineering.  

The best part is that this technology already exists to transmit through the superconducting wire with very high efficiency and it does not produce electromagnetic radiation. Even it does not take much space and is easy to install, as well as the transatlantic cable Internet have already been planned across the ocean.

Technology wing waves to generate electricity and power are the project initiated by a renewable energy company based in Tallahassee, Clean Green and businesses from the sea. Over the last five years this company has been working in this field.

What are the basic requirements to use Wing waves to generate electricity?

There are two fundamental requirements to use Wing waves to produce electricity from the sea. They are the depth of 40 to 50 feet and a sandy bottom.  Sea fans are located on the sandy base. Although the bigger wings can be used for tap water to make electricity but also for the possibility of these wings must be located near the sea until then, fans have blades which are 8 feet high and 15 feet wide, will continue to be used and they will be transported by road. The width and height of the blade is carefully constructed so they can be transported by road and can easily be placed under the sea.

Advantages of using Wing Waves to produce electricity from the sea

An example of wind waves to produce electricity from the sea were shown as two 8-foot-tall wing flaps and down on the seabed, only a few miles from Fort Pierce, Fla.

The benefits of the waves Wing are:

  • It is a clean and green way to generate electric power.
  • There is another way to provide energy.
  • It protects sea life. Wings waves are very environmentally friendly because they do not represent a danger to the turtles and attract the fish.
  • The electricity produced in the ocean can be used on land by transferring power from the sea to the shore by cables.
  • The waves of blades are a feast for the eyes to see.
  • When wings is properly maintained, can be used for more than 20 years.
  • Wings will operate and produce power even when the sea is a bit quiet. The wings will lock automatically during hurricanes, when the sea is rough.
  • Wing wave technology can work in any coastal area.


In the conclusion it can be say that the waves Wing become a revolution for energy production and electricity from the sea.



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