Who is without selfishness. Today this world is in restless condition because of egoism which is increasing day by day. We do not know where it will be stand. Whenever the strongest think he is not getting his part that time little countries are in great fear. Do we lost our existence and going to the vanishing condition! The trend what we are observing it is fear full and we will be the victim of their desire. That time it is impossible to exist the civilizations and just vacuity is in remaining. For their own interest they should have to give the protection to the little .But the reality is they are trying to grab everything from those who are not in position .Trying to increase their stress in many way .And every illegal act is doing all in a body in the name of peace. Every country is in fear from her strongest neighboring country .Strongest neighboring country thinks it is her right to poke neighboring countries matters .If small is different , result is different .So small is in fear touch .In this way no one could live in peace. Peace lies on upper portion . If it is full of selfishness what would we achieve last 5000 years ! Those who are little in size of area ,population, wealth ,technology they cannot remain safe and would be impossible to survive in near future.


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